builders. architects. designers. artisans.

At B.A.D.A., we like to think that we don't have one style or one approach to design. We know that each project is unique, and that starting with a blank slate is the best way to move your unique requirements, ideas, and desires into reality.

The first step in our design process is always to listen. Before we can start, we want to be sure to understand your thoughts and goals for what the project is truly about. We aim to start without any preconceived notions about function or style, but rather use a process of interactive design to guide the way down the path to your dream project realized.


You may need someone to help bring your concept to life, but have a builder, an engineer, or a brother in law who can build the final project. We can take your sketch or thoughts, the plan you found online, or the photos of your favorite homes from around the world and develop them into a fully realized and ready to build project.


Love the planet? Whether you want to build something new or work with something existing, we can work with you and guide you toward a healthier and more sustainable project.

Consulting / Feasibility

Have an idea? No matter how crazy, we can work with you to determine what is possible and how to proceed. We can help evaluate whether to buy the house or land you found for sale, and work with you to determine both if improvements need to be made and what they might be.

Building Technology

Technologies for buildings are always evolving. If you're interesting in something new and cutting edge, we can help you in understanding what it means and how it can work into your dream project.

Marketing Plans

We offer a range of services for realtors, including detailed professional marketing plans with room dimensions, square footage calculations, and customization based on your specific needs. We also offer standalone square footage verification and visualization renderings, both for spec homes and to show buyers the hidden potential that a small renovation could bring out of any space.


We're more than just architects! We have knowledge of, and experience in building construction. For certain projects, we will be able to work hands on the whole way through